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Why Garlic Shaker is Better

If you love fresh garlic then you want it to be simple to peel and easy to use. Many varied methods for solving the problem of peeling garlic have been created to solve this dilemma. Garlic Shaker® is the final solution to the problem and has significant advantages over current garlic peeling methods and products.

We did a lot of research, spent countless hours testing various techniques and even more hours validating designs for a clean, efficient, quick and easy way to peel garlic that made as much sense for a master chef in a 5-star restaurant as it did for the amateur home chef cooking for their family.

Garlic Shaker® solves all of the problems of peeling garlic skin. The garlic peels easily and quickly and the skin just gently sheers right off when you use the Garlic Shaker®.

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Different ways to peel a garlic clove

Garlic is an intricate and fascinating plant (read about the garlic plant) that has a shocking amount of benefits to humans (read about the health benefits of garlic). What's more, there are a handful of different ways to use garlic (read about methods of garlic prep & storage) and countless recipes that include garlic for health or taste or both (read our garlic recipe collection). But one thing is almost always annoying or frustrating about garlic: peeling off that darn skin.

If you are using fresh garlic, you most likely purchased it in a bunch that's known as a head of garlic.

When you remove one sliver from the head - commonly referred to as a clove of garlic - you now have a piece that is enclosed in a dry, sticky skin.

We have created a short, detailed review of different ways to peel a clove of garlic. Ultimately, sharing all the other garlic peelers and quick garlic peeling techniques is our way of sharing our journey in understanding how to peel garlic in the perfect way. And how, of course, we designed the Garlic Shaker® to be the best and easiest garlic peeling tool for your kitchen.

Garlic Shaker® vs. Current Products and Methods

Option One

Buy pre-peeled garlic

Buying pre-peeled garlic is popular choice because there are few good alternatives. The problem with machine-peeled garlic is cost, taste and freshness. Pre-peeled garlic is too expensive.

When you compare the cost of pre-peeled garlic to a fresh clove readily available at any grocery store the price difference is staggering, and if it's pre-minced garlic then it's even more expensive. Plus, you have no idea how long it's been preserved and how much the taste and health benefits have broken down in that time.

A fresh bulb of garlic at any grocery costs very little, tastes fantastic, and has all the health benefits of garlic. Truly nothing beats a freshly peeled clove of garlic, and the Garlic Shaker ® makes that affordable, and maintains the healthy qualities of each and every clove at its best.

Option Two


Garlic peelers currently available simply don’t work very well! They can only peel garlic a few cloves at a time. They are also, unattractive, poorly designed, and have limited functionality, capacity, and ease of use. If you enjoy spending time cooking, or you like kitchen gadgets, you may have purchased yourself a garlic roller.  Usually these are silicon or rubber tubes where you place a couple garlic cloves inside and gently roll them on a table to soften up the skins and peel the clove. Garlic rollers by design have some fundamental flaws. One is that many of these so called garlic peelers only allow you to handle small amounts, unlike the large amounts of cloves a Garlic Shaker ® can peel quickly and easily.  Another drawback to rollers is they can only provide a wide base of pressure that does more “loosening” and less “breaking” inside the peeled garlic. The needed pressure is always different from head-to-head, and even from clove-to-clove within a single bunch of garlic! These big limitations makes it difficult to understand exactly how much pressure to apply. This problem and the rollers limited capacity to only peel small amounts of cloves makes it an inadequate tool. It is fine if you are cooking one meal, for one for one person, and only need a very small amount of garlic peeled slowly. But if you need more than just a garlic clove or two then it’s really not very useful. The Garlic Shaker® really is the fastest and best way to peel any amount of garlic cloves.

Option Three


Less dangerous than using a knife, but equally problematic is soaking a clove of garlic in a bowl of water. But it is very poor way to easily peel garlic that’s been used often while distasteful results. The big downside is, and even worse than the knife smash method is that soaking garlic can really impact its taste because the garlic clove absorbs the water into itself very fast.

On top of that, some of the beneficial elements of garlic leech out while it is soaking, and also degrades in water (hot water basically cooks the garlic, which is the worst, so that’s why the water has to be cold). Even if you can get the timing just right, the clove doesn’t absorb too much water, not too much of the good stuff breaks down, and you will still notice the taste difference. We want the fastest, easiest way to peel garlic cloves too, but this method defeats the whole point. Soaking garlic in water kills the taste and benefits of garlic completely. The Garlic Shaker® on the other hand preserves the taste and health benefits of garlic completely.

Option Four Option Five


If you are currently expediting your garlic peeling by nuking your cloves, let us save you some time and frustration: this is one of the worst ways! At some point, a hyper-observant chef (our guess is a late-night, bleary-eyed college kid) realized that microwaving a clove of garlic for 5-10 seconds also breaks down the sticky bond between the garlic peel and the meat of the clove within. What they didn't realize is the full nutritional and taste impact of this technique.

A microwave oven sends energy beams (microwaves) bouncing around that excite (heat up) water molecules in everything inside the box.  That means a microwave creates micro-boiling points wherever the energy beams hit inside your food, but the catch is that it does so unevenly. That’s why all modern microwaves have a plate or some other part that rotates the food relative to the energy source so that it roughly averages out. At a fundamental level, the problem with the microwave is that you're literally zapping out all the nutrition and flavor in places and ways that the human eye can't see. We believe we have created a better way to quickly peel garlic that wouldn't impact its taste, health benefits, or storability. The Garlic Shaker® takes out all the guess work and you get quick whole peeled garlic every single time!

Option Five Option Four


This is always a crowd favorite at gatherings and dinner parties, especially for the kitchen showoff who bangs the knife with gusto to make a loud bang every time they peel a clove of garlic. Even without the scene, the nature of mature garlic is that creating pressure on the outside wall releases and breaks the sticky bond with the garlic peel and is much faster and easier than doing it without loosening up the clove.

To that end, squishing is the extreme of the “peel garlic quickly” choice of techniques. Because peeling and smashing garlic are not what a knife was designed to do, the problems with this method are numerous including: a high risk of cutting yourself and needing stitches, damage to your knife, and unless you really wanted smashed garlic then using this method guarantees you have immediately damaged the clove.

Using a knife as a garlic peeler is very dangerous! It is the most dangerous method you can use. Another major downside to using a knife to peel garlic, or peeling the garlic clove with any tool that applies too much pressure, is that you change the taste (and beauty!) of the clove. When a clove is squeezed too hard, it breaks the outside wall, releases drops of garlic juice, and starts the oxidation process. That area will brown, and ultimately mold, much more quickly than better peeled garlic, so this option is only relevant if you are using the exact amount you smashed right away.

This very slow method of can only peel small amounts of garlic at a time, so unless you only need a tiny amount, and you are willing to risk a visit to the emergency room we don’t recommend it to anyone ever. There is no safer or productive tool in your kitchen for peeling garlic than the Garlic Shaker®.