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Problem: Peeling garlic cloves is slow, annoying, makes your hands smell, and can even be dangerous.

Whether you're a professional chef or an amateur cook, at one point you've tried to find a way to easily peel garlic. Hand peeling garlic cloves is slow, aggravating, and leaves you with smelly hands. Using a knife for peeling garlic is very dangerous and can result in injuries and hospital visits. Store bought pre-peeled garlic is very expensive, less healthy, and tastes worse than fresh peeled garlic. So what is left to use?

Solution: Shake off the skin using the Garlic Shaker®

Garlic Shaker® is the solution you have waited for to peel garlic quickly, easily, and safely! There is no garlic peeler that solves this frustrating problem better than the Garlic Shaker®. Garlic Shaker® creates no mess, no damage to the garlic, and there is no risk of injury. Garlic Shaker® is superior to any of the garlic peelers currently on the market. A simple shake, shake, shake, and the skin is completely off the garlic clove saving you time and money.

Buy your Garlic Shaker® today and we guarantee you'll like it