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How It Works

If you ask most people how to peel garlic they will often sigh or cringe at the thought, and then they proceed to describe various slow aggravating methods like peeling garlic with their hands, or even worse unsafe methods like using a knife. However, garlic shaking is incredibly easy, safe, and fast! The advantages of this simple kitchen gadget are numerous and this is how it works.

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Garlic Shaker® is a hand powered kitchen tool that magically removes the skin from an entire head of garlic in seconds without damaging the delicious cloves.

  • The Garlic Shaker® uses simple physics to solve the aggravating problem of removing fresh garlic skin. The force exerted upon the Garlic Shaker® by the user causes the garlic to accelerate. Then the garlic makes contact with the various surfaces inside. That gentle pressure is what shakes the garlic skin off without damaging the tender morsel inside. [maybe some sort of drawing or graphic showing this concept?]
  • The sleek, ergonomic design of the Garlic Shaker® makes it easy to hold and shake, thereby cleaning each clove by gently sheering off the skin with each shaking motion. As a result, the garlic skin removal process becomes very fast and simple.
  • Inside the Garlic Shaker® are multiple impact points that cause the garlic to rotate, spin, and gyrate when hitting the multiple surfaces inside. The motions and will gently massage the skin from the garlic without damaging it.

How it Helps

Garlic Shaker® was designed to make life a little easier.

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    • Affordable. Garlic Shaker® is reasonably priced and a good value because it is built to last. It saves money and pays for itself over time because fresh garlic costs a lot less than the alternatives. The Garlic Shaker® will bring your grocery bill total down.
    • Fast. Garlic Shaker® is the fastest way to get the skin off of an entire bulb or head of garlic. Throw the whole thing in and Shake It Up! Just try it against other garlic peeling methods and you will see the difference.
    • Safe. A common way people peel garlic is to smash it with a knife. This is very dangerous. You can easily slip and cut your hand or finger and end up in the emergency room getting stitches. Garlic Shaker® is also safe because it is 100% BPA free so there is no risk of toxic leeching from the plastic.
    • Easy. Garlic Shaker® is so easy to use. You simply break up the entire garlic bulb and put all of it in the shaker. Shake it Up! for 30-45 seconds. Open one of the lids and pour the peeled garlic cloves out. They are ready to use. You can repeat this process over-and-over again making cooking large amounts of food requiring garlic, easy and fast. The Garlic Shaker® is also easy to clean because both ends are removable and can be washed in a dishwasher on the top rack. It is completely dishwasher safe.
    • Universal. Nearly anyone can use the Garlic Shaker® including children, the elderly, and people that have difficulty holding things.
    • Healthy. Fresh garlic is very healthy. The health benefits of garlic are vast and numerous. It is anti-fungal, anti-viral, and anti-bacterial. It also tastes amazing in food. The benefits of garlic can now be easily enjoyed by everyone who uses the Garlic Shaker®.
    • Elegant. Beauty takes time! While the function of this elegant kitchen gadget is really quite simple, the design has been obsessed over through repeated testing and retesting until we got it perfect for you. In addition to peeling garlic the Garlic Shaker® is also designed to rest vertically or horizontally on virtually any flat surface without rolling off. Beautiful, well-designed things tend last, make a lasting impression upon others, and inspire pleasure and joy when they are used.
    • Simple. The Garlic Shaker® is the best way to peel garlic! This kitchen utensil empowers the home or professional chef to use more fresh garlic with far less hassle. It turns the once tedious task of peeling garlic into simple and fun experience. It will lead to better tasting food, and happy memories in the kitchen.
    • Fun. Garlic Shaker® is fun because shaking things can be fun. It is certainly a lot more fun than any other method of peeling garlic. The kitchen is a fun, creative, joyful place and your kitchen tools should reflect the joy of that experience. Have a good time and Shake It Up!
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