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How It Works

If you ask most people how to peel garlic they will often sigh or cringe at the thought, and then they proceed to describe various slow aggravating methods like peeling garlic with their hands, or even worse unsafe methods like using a knife. However, garlic shaking is incredibly easy, safe, and fast! The advantages of this simple kitchen gadget are numerous and this is how it works.

Garlic Shaker® is a hand powered kitchen tool that magically removes the skin from an entire head of garlic in seconds without damaging the delicious cloves.

  • Simple Physics Simple Physics

    The Garlic Shaker® uses simple physics to solve the aggravating problem of removing fresh garlic skin. The force exerted upon the Garlic Shaker® by the user causes the garlic to accelerate. Then the garlic makes contact with the various surfaces inside. That gentle pressure is what shakes the garlic skin off without damaging the tender morsel inside.

  • Simple Physics Ergonomic Design

    The sleek, ergonomic design of the Garlic Shaker® makes it easy to hold and shake, thereby cleaning each clove by gently sheering off the skin with each shaking motion. As a result, the garlic skin removal process becomes very fast and simple.

  • Impact Points Impact Points

    Inside the Garlic Shaker® are multiple impact points that cause the garlic to rotate, spin, and gyrate when hitting the multiple surfaces inside. The motions and will gently massage the skin from the garlic without damaging it.

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How It Helps

Garlic Shaker® was designed to make life a little easier.