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You and the Garlic Bulb... How to Prepare it for the Maximum Health Benefits!

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Preparing a garlic bulb to eat does not take a lot of time. Depending on what you are making, the amount of garlic to prepare will vary. There are various stages to follow when making preparing the bulb. For the garlic to be effective, you need to ensure proper preparation. It is important to prepare garlic properly to get all of the  health benefits. When garlic is crushed, minced, pressed or chopped it releases the sulfides that relax blood vessels and increase blood flow. Hydrogen sulfide is known to protect against heart disease and some cancers. Unless you follow one of the steps below though the sulfides don’t get released and you won’t reap the health benefits of garlic fully.

  • Peeling

Peeling a garlic clove might take the most time in your preparation process. Shaking the skin off in a Garlic Shaker ® is how to peel garlic quickly. Start by separating the cloves from the bulb. Chop off the root using a sharp knife. Make sure you are using dry clean garlic. The dry garlic cover will come off easily without much effort. Another way is to submerge your garlic into water, and let it sit for some few seconds till the cover is soaked. Remove it cut both tips and the husk will come out easily. The disadvantage of submersion in water is that your garlic will be wet and it is a much slower method than shaking the skin off.

  • Pressing and Crushing

After you have peeled garlic, you may proceed to the next step and prepare it for the dish you are making or storing. Pressing and crushing garlic is the most common way to prepare garlic. This is because this method will release all the flavor into your food and unlock all the health benefits of the garlic. Crushing garlic is made a lot easier when you use a garlic press. Using a garlic press is easy. You only need to place the cloves into the press and squeeze the handles tightly together. The cloves will get pushed through the holes and the pulp will be ready to use on the other end.

  • Mincing and Chopping

Finely chopping garlic, minced or crushed garlic is an ideal way to prepare garlic for salads or various recipes. It is more time consuming than pressing or crushing, but you get a similar flavor and garlic benefits. The resulting taste of minced or chopped garlic tends to be a bit of a stronger bite than when it is prepared with a garlic press. Garlic pressing yields a sweeter mixture than chopping and mincing. You need a sharp knife to chop the garlic up finely. Take your peeled garlic cloves and place them on a cutting board. Place a knife over them and press it down repeatedly in a cross hatched motion until it is as finely cut as desired. Cut the cloves into small sizes, as much as possible. When you are ready to cook it, do not wait until it changes the color, just until it is tender. 

To enjoy the benefits of garlic you will need to peel it. Learn how to peel garlic the fastest way possible! 

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