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Tricks to Using a Garlic Press Properly!

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A garlic press is a helpful kitchen gadget for preparing garlic in the shortest amount of time. It forces peeled garlic cloves through a bunch of tiny little metal holes with a piston. In Australia and New Zealand it is called a garlic crusher. It much faster and more convenient than mincing garlic with a knife. You can press multiple  peeled garlic cloves fast and be ready to cook in minutes. Mincing however is much more time consuming and difficult. For effective use of a garlic press it is important to make sure you use it the right way.

Pressed garlic is much easier to use and prepare when cooking. Pressed garlic is also said to unlock all of the nutrients and  health benefits of garlic. It is thought to be stronger and more flavorful than mincing as well. Garlic crushed by a press is generally believed to have a more robust flavor than minced garlic. More of garlic's strong flavor compounds are liberated and mixed through the pressing process. Some people prefer the flavor of pressed garlic.Raw-foods chef Renée Underkoffler says "a good garlic press makes dealing with garlic a pleasure." Pressed garlic has a lighter, more delicate flavor than minced garlic because it excludes the bitter center stem."The magazine  Cook's Illustrated says "a good garlic press can break down cloves more finely and evenly than an average cook using a knife, which means better distribution of garlic flavor throughout any given dish."

  • Pressing garlic

Remove the husky dry cover from the outer part of the garlic cloves. Select garlic that does not have any green shoots, and if it has them, remove them. The size of your garlic will determine the number of garlic cloves you can press at the same time. If it is a small press, then only put one garlic clove in the press at a time. Place the press over a clean container for the garlic to fall into. Press and hold the handles closely until the garlic comes out in a paste.

  • Reasons for pressing garlic

Garlic is delicious and super healthy and pressing it unlocks both the flavor and nutrition. When garlic is pressed, it has a stronger flavor because all the particles are exposed and mixed together. The other reason why you may choose to press garlic is its ease of storage. When you store the pressed garlic in an air tight container then  freeze it, it will last for a very long time. This helps in saving time during meal preparation, as you may press more garlic when you have free time. Pressing garlic is easier than chopping or crushing it which saves time.

  • Washing a garlic press

Using a garlic press is easy and so is washing it. First you need to ensure that there is no garlic paste remaining on the holes of the press. When you  crush garlic cloves using a garlic press, some of the particles will likely remain in the holes of the press. Using a short item, a toothpick perhaps, remove the food particles until the press is clean. A thorough wash after using is important and will give your press a longer life.

Rinse the press thoroughly using clean water and ensure the garlic is washed away and the sweet delicious aroma is gone.

  • How to select a press to purchase

Getting the best garlic press will ensure that you use it for a long time and get the value for your money. The first thing is to verify is that the press is made of pure stainless steel, or aluminum. Stainless steel is really preferable because it helps neutralize the garlic smell.

Make sure to feels strong and well manufactured to ensure your ability to press large garlic cloves. Verify that the press handles fit well in your hands and it is easy and comfortable to close. The key is making sure it well constructed and feels good when you use it.

To press garlic you will need to peel it before you use your press. Learn how to peel garlic in 10 seconds or less!

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