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Tips for Eating Raw Garlic and Why it is a Good Idea

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Eating raw peeled garlic is a great idea and very beneficial to your health. Sometimes it is better to eat raw garlic than to cook it. While it is not a common practice because of the strong robust taste of garlic, it is slowly growing in popularity due to the increase in consumption of garlic supplements. Eating raw garlic has the advantages of digesting the vegetable in its purest form, thereby getting the most nutrition from it possible. It is also significantly less expensive to purchase fresh garlic versus the processed supplements that are packaged and available in stores.

  • How to eat raw garlic

Prepare the garlic clove you want to eat by shaking off the dry skin with your Garlic Shaker®. The Garlic Shaker® will shake the skin off of an entire head of garlic. It is  how to peel garlic fast! Pour the whole head of garlic out. It is ready to eat. It is best to crush the garlic to release all of its good elements for your body to get the most benefit.

It is often preferred by some people to pour salt on the clove before chewing it. Garlic is known to be strong and bitter when eaten raw, but add a few things to it and it isn’t so strong. Lemon and salt are the two most popular ingredients to add to raw garlic. You can also eat raw garlic with honey. The sweet taste of the honey can offset the strong flavor of the garlic. If you make chopped or crushed garlic you can sprinkle it on a cracker and smear a spoonful of honey with it. This will make the garlic less bitter while still affording you all the health benefits of garlic.

You can also use raw garlic to accompany many food types; including fresh salads, cooked eggs, or sprinkle it on pizza. Chopping garlic into a pill like size that can be swallowed easily is another way to eat raw garlic. Adding crushed garlic to a glass of hot water and stirring it to make garlic tea is another popular method. You can add lemon or honey to the tea to dilute the strong flavor if preferred.

  • Benefits of eating raw garlic

Garlic is so much more than just a tasty herb to add to your food. It has medicinal properties that date back to ancient Egypt. The primary compound found in garlic responsible eradicating some ailments in the body is called Alliin. When it is eaten it is converted into Allicin. Allicin is often referred to as nature’s antibiotic. Some of the benefits of eating raw garlic can include lowering the bad cholesterol levels in the body and increasing the good cholesterol. Garlic can also prevent some risks or cancer, heart attacks, and stroke.People who consumed raw garlic at least twice a week experienced lower rates of lung cancer than those who consumed raw garlic less often, according to a seven-year study published in "Cancer Prevention Research" in July 2013. Garlic may also be beneficial for preventing or treating colon and pancreatic cancer, according to the University of Maryland Medical Center -- although research is still preliminary. Raw garlic can also be used to cure vaginal bacteria, and at the same time being responsible for curing fungal infections thus being in use as an antiseptic.

  • Avoiding bad breath

Eating raw garlic can be used to cure many diseases and prevent others. It is important to note that excessive consumption may not be good for you. Garlic may cause your body to heat up and start sweating, red eyes, bad breath and acne among others. Moderation is important with this potent herb. And how to ensure you use garlic safely.

Chewing some fresh parsley or mint can help in reducing bad breath after chewing raw garlic. For peeling a garlic clove use a Garlic Shaker® you won’t have a problem with smelly hands. If you don’t use one then you can get the smell off your hands by; pouring a little salt and baking soda on your hands and rubbing them together with water, squeeze toothpaste or pour a little mouthwash on your hands and then rinse with water, or rub your hands across a stainless steel utensil under running tap water. Oddly, hot water and soap don’t actually work very well getting the garlic smell off of hands. We have found stainless steel to be the most effective.

When you eat raw garlic, eat an apple afterwards which will make the mouth moist with saliva. The saliva when mixed with the sugar from the apple will wash away all the bacteria in the mouth that may cause bad breath.

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