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Thanksgiving with Fresh Garlic is the Best

Posted by Kevin Vadala / garlicshaker.com on

You’d think going to the store to buy  fresh garlic would be easy. I too, thought it would be a trivial matter suited for anyone, especially someone like me who is a master of all things garlic. In hindsight, shopping for garlic on Thanksgiving Day wasn’t an especially unique or bright idea, but it was a necessary. Who can eat a turkey without garlic? My wife had told me we had plenty of garlic, but when I looked in the refrigerator last night before bed, there was no garlic to be seen!

I had visions in my mind of what would happen at Thanksgiving dinner- people picking at their turkey and lifting it to their mouths only to have the blankest of faces. “How’s the turkey,” I might say. “Fine.” That one word speaking volumes on how plain and dry the turkey tasted. What's it missing? Everyone had the same blank stare and robotic movements that would spell a quick and fatal end to dinner.

I knew I couldn’t let that happen, and no crowd at the grocery store was going to stand in my way, despite my enmity towards crowds. After waiting patiently for my alarm clock to ring, I sprang out of bed. Putting on my clothes was a hurried affair, and as I sprinted for my keys downstairs, I realized my shirt was on backwards. “NO time!” I screamed. In the background I heard my wife say “What?” but I was already out the door and in the car, speeding down the street like a madman in a car case. But this was no car chase folks. This was a garlic chase. Only then, I didn’t realize what lengths I would go to get garlic.

When I got to the store I tried to curse under my breath but the words carried their own life into the damp morning air of my car. There was already a line going into the store. How could this be?

When I got to the end of the line (a line that stretched at least 100 feet outside the store) I asked the old woman in front of me what the holdup was. “Seems like they only have one cash register going,” she snorted like it was usual business. The man in front of her turned around nearly assaulted me. “Yeah, seems like these stores like to stay understaffed to save money. It’s ridiculous on Thanksgiving!”

Like a deflated balloon, I trudged back to my car. The only thing I dislike more than not having garlic is long lines and crowded stores. When I opened the door of my car and hopped in, I heard a small rustling sound, as if a bit of trash was rolling by. I peeked through the crack of my door, and there was a small  garlic bulb sitting right there on the pavement. It looked pretty lonely on the ground and I wondered who had lost it as I looked around for the owner, but it looked like the most delicious fresh garlic I had ever seen. There was no one around to try to return it to either. I scooped it up rather than let it go to waste, and then I was back home coming through the door to my wife’s voice. “That was fast,” she said, “got the garlic?” “Yep!” I strolled through the kitchen like the place was a hero’s hall. And for now, it was. I had gotten all the  fresh garlic the store could offer. Shortly after that, I woke up in a foggy haze rubbing my eyes wondering what had happened. Clearly, my dreams of heroism had merely been my love for garlic invading my slumber. 

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