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How to Grow Garlic at Home: 5 Simple Methods

Posted by Matthew Garlic Shaker / garlicshaker.com on

Learning how to grow garlic is a useful skill for the home gardener. Peeled garlic straight from your garden is one of life true joys! 

Growing garlic at home is a blessing for everyone who lives there. Garlic is considered to be one of the healthiest foods on earth. Even if people do not eat garlic raw because it has a strong odor and taste, they use it for cooking and making their food taste delicious. There are many reasons why you should eat as much garlic as possible. Taste being my favorite! Even though you can find garlic at the local market, the truth is that you can easily grow it at home. You will look like a superstar when you show off your gardening skills around the neighborhood. Additionally, you can be sure that you are eating organic garlic when you grow garlic at home.

Here are a few tips to get started growing garlic at home:

    1. Plant garlic in your garden

If you have a garden, you can easily use it to plant garlic. With this method, you will have fresh garlic during the entire year. Go to the market and buy some garlic to plant. You will never have to go again. Use its cloves (seeds) to plant in the garden. You should keep in mind to water it often at the beginning, until the weather becomes warmer. Garlic loves the dry summer weather.

    2. Use your own garlic bulb

If this is not your first time you plant garlic, there is no need to go to the market, and thus you can use the cloves from your own stock. That way you will know what you are planting.

    3. Big bulbs

If you want to obtain big bulbs you should limit the usage of the leaves, and additionally you should cut the flower. In this way you will allow the garlic to take all it needs from the nature in order to develop.

    4. Use a big pot

If you want to grow garlic inside your house you will need a pot. However, you should keep in mind that not all pots will be good, and therefore you should choose one that it is big enough in order to allow the garlic to grow. You can easily make sure that you have taken all the necessary steps in order to grow garlic.

    5. Watch out for pests

There are many pests, and therefore you should make sure that you have taken all the preventive measures in order to assure your garlic the best growing conditions.

Now that you have all this information about the best ways to grow fresh garlic, you should definitely go for it. This is an easy task that won’t take a lot of time and it will taste so good. Mother earth will love you for it too. To further understand growing garlic read our page about the garlic plant or to preserve your garlic read  our page garlic preparation and storage. Or you can watch our peeling garlic by shaking videoFor further reference at http://www.almanac.com/plant/garlic

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