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How to Get Rid of Garlic Breath: 8 Ways to Stay Kissable

Posted by Matthew Garlic Shaker / garlicshaker.com on

To get rid of garlic breath you must first enjoy the amazing flavor of peeled garlic first. Eat some garlic as fast as possible is our recommendation. Garlic is delicious, and so good for you, but the breath you sometimes get after eating it can be a little off putting to others. Especially, if you intend to kiss your sweetie after scarfing that garlic pizza . We hope to help you achieve that precious moment without the wincing loved one when you open your mouth. We are here for you. We feel your pain because obviously we love garlic, and we love a good make out too.

  1. Put a teaspoon of mustard in your mouth and swish it around for about a minute or so. If you don’t want to just gargle mustard, put it on a sandwich, but do it quick. 
  2. Minty foods can help with that green fog permeating from your jowls. Parsley, Mint, Mint Tea, can all remove garlic breath. Try a eating that green stuff in your mojito at the bar after you scarf the pizza buddy. It will help everyone out! Be kind to others.
  3. Eat your veggies if you want to dilute the garlic haze wafting presently from your face. It tasted good going down, but nobody wants to revisit your meal with you. A lot of vegetables will help dampen the draft from your pie-hole including; mashed potatoes, lemons, mushrooms, and carrots have all been known to have a positive effect on garlic breath. Eat your veggies! They are good for you too.

Sometimes too much protein in your diet can exacerbate bad breath. Add garlic to the mix and you have a toxic wasteland creating clouds of death from those pearly whites. Try adding some carbohydrates into the mix to pat that down. Eat a cracker would you? For all of us!

  1. Chewing gum seems like an obvious solution to that raging green cloud storming out  with each word you say. Sometimes being obvious is exactly what is called for! In this case, I highly recommend that if you have gum, then chew it. Nobody wants to wait for you to get creative before getting rid of your garlic breath. Believe me!
  2. Perhaps if you drink something, water, soda, you can just wash that aroma right down. Try anything! 
  3. Take a shot of booze! If you are over twenty one of course! Alcohol kills bacteria in the mouth and has been proven to remove bad tastes and smells. Don’t shy, take a belt. This method has a lot of perks that go with it too. That cool buzz might be worth the garlic breath in the first place. At least it might dampen the memory enough to forget the olfactory indiscretion.
  4. I hear dark chocolate works well too! Even if it doesn't, who cares! Dark chocolate is delicious! 

Needless to say, personal hygiene is important. If you didn't know that already then please vacate any vicinity near me. My area code is for people that know the value of soap and fresh breath. Buy a toothbrush if you dig eating the bruschetta that much. The pesto you consumed for an hour isn't making you any new friends buddy. Brush your teeth, use mouthwash, floss, use a tongue cleaner, or a water pick for Pete's sake! To understand why it is worth the risk of temporary bad breath please read the nutritional and health benefits page of our site. To get the skin off you will want to use an optimized kitchen gadget that is far better than peeling garlic in a jar

For further reference at  http://www.huffingtonpost.ca/2013/05/24/garlic-breath_n_3333178.html

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