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Green Garlic… Tasting is believing!

Posted by Kevin Vadala / garlicshaker.com on

Green garlic is a delicacy you might not have been aware of. It’s not like green ketchup (what ever happened to that?) - Not simply garlic dyed green (that might be a good idea for Saint Patty’s day). In fact, it’s more like a chive on a baked potato. It’s a great spring and summer ingredient to add delicate garlicky flavor to a variety of dishes. One nice thing is that green garlic peels really easily! 

Green garlic is immature garlic that looks like green onions. Green garlic is harvested by growers when they thin garlic crops, and as this ingredient has become more popular and in demand, it has even been grown for its own merit. Good job green garlic, you’ve made it to the big boys!

Good green garlic needs to be picked like other herbs, onions, and fruits. You want to pick green garlic that has fresh green tops. When you are preparing it, cut off root ends and the tougher parts of the tips. Chop up the rest and serve as you would normal garlic. You could sauté with onions, top off a baked potato, or decorate dishes like you might with parsley or green onions.

Now let’s talk about what you can do with green garlic. If you want something simple and quick, consider making roasted green garlic. First, get your green garlic and chop off the bad parts like we discussed. Then, drizzle olive oil (if you have a special kind with lemon zest that might be a good touch), garlic salt, and pepper over the green garlic. You can put it in the oven until cooked or brown, or try it on the barbecue until slightly brown. From here, you can eat it like this! You can even shake some parmesan on top of it while it’s still hot or mozzarella. If you want, you can even just chop it all up and use it as flavoring or garnish. Try it on some fresh cheesy pizza with feta, pesto, some fresh tomatoes, and high quality cheese. This will be DELICIOUS, I promise!

If you want something a little fancier, you might consider making a fancier dish and just implementing the green garlic in it. You can use it in a fancy salad with roasted chicken, or perhaps sprinkle it in a vegetable medley soup. If you are feeling like a garlic fiend, consider sprinkling it on 40 clove garlic chicken just to amaze your guests. They’ll know about the 40 cloves, but will they know you sneaked even more garlic onto the chicken?

We get it, you love green garlic now just as much as we do. But how do you get it? Unfortunately, green garlic is a little bit new to the food frontier and a little hard to find in local supermarkets. Don’t fret yet, because you can find it at farmer’s markets for bargain prices and you can find it at more gourmet markets or even the larger supermarkets! Or you can try growing green garlic on your own! Watch video that shows how to peel a garlic clove fast! 

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