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Garlic Keeper: How to Store Garlic Properly to Last the Long Term

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The best way to store  fresh garlicis in a cool dry place. Sometimes this accomplished by hanging from a ceiling. However, if your kitchen is warm and sunny then this method will not work very well. A garlic keeper is a piece of kitchenware that every garlic lover needs to have because it accomplishes ideal storing conditions with ease. It is generally a small ceramic pot that is designed to stay cool and has holes in it to allow air to circulate. This is a proper way to store your garlic in the kitchen, since it sustains room temperature and has holes through which sufficient air will pass through. The kitchen maybe warm, from cooking so a garlic keeper can help protect your garlic from the heat

Garlic is a favorite for adding flavor and aroma to food for various dishes and it also known to improve your general health. Garlic is a vegetable and an herb in that is planted as a clove and grows into a bulb. From the moment of harvest, it is important to store the garlic in the proper way so that it will last for a long time. When the outside is well dried, this helps to retain the flavor in the flesh inside. 

  • Proper storage

A garlic keeper allows you to keep your garlic safely without any sprouts or getting spoiled. Storing your garlic in the wrong way will lead to the cloves losing freshness, thus turning soft and start to sprout. You however, need to ensure that the garlic you buy is the best and fresh. They are available in multiple materials that include ceramics, and others pottery. Garlic keepers are made from various materials. Most garlic keepers are made from ceramic. When you put the garlic in a keeper, ensue that it is placed in a place where there is sufficient air supply, stable humidity and away from moisture. Keeping your garlic in a keeper assures you of longer life. In the hot months, store the garlic in the coldest place in your kitchen, but avoid putting it in the refrigerator. The counter top is a proper place put your garlic keeper.

  • Features

A garlic keeper is designed to keep garlic fresh for a long period of time. For this reason, it has multiple ventilation holes that helps to get enough air into the keeper to keep the garlic fresh and dry. The keeper also has a lid that can be closed to prevent direct sunlight from damaging the garlic. The lid has a handle that allows easy opening. Some of the keepers are made from materials that are heavy and might be difficult to open it easily. When buying your garlic keeper, ensure that you select one that is crack and chip free, this being long lasting.

  • Why you need one

Despite making garlic paste then freezing or making garlic confit, there is that one person that needs to prepare their garlic while fresh, or chew. If you are one of those people, then you need to have a garlic keeper. This is the best way that is used to store garlic to stay fresh and tasty.

  • Making a keeper

Making a garlic keeper is a great idea despite being a little unconventional, since you can save money and also make one that is personalized. All you need is to get a terracotta pot and drainage dish, sink basin and water, safety glasses and you are ready to make your garlic keeper. Start by baking the dish at 400 degrees, then place the bottom of the pot in water for 1 hour. Drill some holes, with a style of design that you would like. The drainage dish will serve as the lid for the keeper. You may drill a hole on the lid and improvise a handle for your garlic keeper. Use your favorite color of paint, and you may also have some paintings of garlic at a personalized level. Ensure that the paint is completely dry and odor has gone completely. Also ensure that the pot does not absorb any garlic odor. If doing itself doesn't appeal to you, then a pre-made garlic keeper can easily be purchased.

  • From a harvest

When you harvest garlic bulbs you have grown at home, they are pulled from the soil covered by the soil. Clean off the soil. Shake it off and use a damp cloth to completely wipe off the dirt. A cooling rack can be used to dry the bulbs. It depends on the types of garlic you planted. For softneck, they can be braided together in sets of 3-4 bulbs. Ensure you allow sufficient air supply for better and quicker drying, and let them stay for 2 weeks. Warm conditions are preferred but avoid direct sunlight.

They are best stored with the top still intact. These are the parts that are braided for proper drying of the garlic. Once you have used a damp cloth to remove the dirt, it is important to note that they may not be as clean as grocery garlic. When you finally braid the top leaves together for better drying. Take up to 12 bulbs and braid them to make hanging easier for proper drying. The most outer cover of garlic can be removed to leave the inner covers, because they are cleaner.

Most people will dry them with their roots and leaves. For others, they think an appropriate way to dry the bubs is by cutting them first then drying them. The roots are cut and only ¼ inch is left of them. For the leaves, only ½ inch is left. They are placed inside a mesh bag that is hanged loosely for drying. This may be unusual for most garlic farmers, since the top and roots are cut when they are finally dry. Then put them into your garlic keeper for long-term storage and use.

  • Storage

Proper storage of garlic is the only way to give it a long life, while improper storage will only shorten the storage time. It is best to ensure that the garlic bulbs are completely dry before you store them. The ideal home storage includes a degree level of 55 to 70 degree. Ensure that they are in a place with proper airing and light. Do not store the garlic in a refrigerator since they will start to sprout while a paper bag will deny it enough air leading to a rot. The upper part of garlic should be cut off, leaving an inch to the bud. You can tie them using a string and store them in a dry place. Separate them according to sizes, and keep that way. You should get a garlic keeper for sure! After you store your garlic in a garlic keeper for awhile you are most certainly going to want to use it. Watch this video to about how to peel garlic cloves fast!

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