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Garlic Festivals: Fear and Loathing in Gilroy

Posted by Matthew Garlic Shaker/ garlicshaker.com on

Garlic festivals are great places to party!

We were barreling down the 101 North freeway in our smooth ride, smack dab between the beauty of Big Sur near King City. Gliding past the aromatic plains of grazing cows (my grandfather called that aromatic scent Australian roses) of Coalinga and Hollister; is when the fear came over us. Are garlic festivals truly a good time or merely a ruse for some unseemly plot to force us into eating more Italian food? I said something along the lines of, “I feel baffled about our destination, maybe you should drive…” Out of the sky I heard a squealing of horns and saw beautiful red and blue colors dancing. Was it a symphony and a fireworks show? I pulled over quickly to enjoy the radiant fiery sky that was sure to delight. A voice bellowed from behind the car in a deep soothing tone. “Had I won something?” I thought to myself. The voice became clearer and closer, “Sir, may I see your license and registration?” I thought to myself again, “of course you need those to confirm my identity for my grand prize!” His blue outfit and badge said otherwise.

The Gilroy Garlic Festival happens annually during the summer in Gilroy, California is one of the largest food festivals in the United States. It happens the last weekend in July in Christmas Park. The festival was founded in 1979 by Dr. Rudy Melone, Don Christopher, and Val Filice. It has been a fundraiser for local charities and has raised approximately nine million dollars for local causes. Every year over 100,000 people attend this garlic festival. It provides a platform for people to eat and try out the various garlic centric dishes that are prepared. Gilroy is one of the main produces of garlic in the U.S. and exports their garlic all over the world.

There are many reasons why someone would go to a garlic festival. Garlic festivals are an ideal place you want to try various styles of food prepared with the Stinking Rose. It affords people the ability to taste a lot of different dishes in one place, and at one time. It is also an innovative way for one to learn about garlic and the various benefits that it has. The following are a few reasons as to why you should consider going to a garlic festival:

1) Garlic festivals act as a culinary exploration for various garlic recipes. Many of the people who attend enjoy a wide variety of different kinds of drinks, meals and live cooking related with the use of garlic. One can enjoy live cooking by professional chefs, and get to taste a variety of foods offered. It is a great opportunity to learn and get new garlic recipes to use at home.

2) Various garlic festivals offer cooking competitions whereby people can come and showcase their cooking talent in making the best tasting garlic meals. People can come and compete with other cooks and be judged. This is a very interactive platform that lets people share new ideas and recipes on how to cook and consume garlic. One may end up learning new recipes, cooking ideas, or just end with a full stomach and a big smile.

These festivals provide a unique platform for garlic lovers to share and give to others. They are important to the local cultures, super fun, and they offer a great opportunity to meet new people. If you have not attended one, now is a great time to start hitting those garlic festivals up. 

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