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Garlic Beer, is it Delicious?

Posted by Matthew Garlic Shaker and Kevin Vadala / garlicshaker.com on

What is garlic beer? Does it even exist, you ask? Beer is one of the most popular drink mediums in the world! Well, don’t get your stomach in a knot yet, because garlic beer does exist. But not only does it exist, but it will live, breathe, and fly down your throat with its hoppy and spicy tasty peeled garlicky flavor.

Today we live in a world where masterful culinary creations are only a step away, and garlic, is practically used in everything (thank goodness!). From spiced up Italian dishes, to Mexican salsa and French fries, garlic is the delicious ingredient often not credited enough for making our tongues so satisfied.

Garlic beer is delicious and it sets off its amazing kick in your mouth. It isn’t afraid to advertise its quirkiness and robust herbed scent. It is a hazy golden amber with a distinct aroma of garlic. It even has a bready aftertaste. In garlic beer it is primarily the nose of the beer that has the unique garlic scent. After all, scent is only one small step away from heaven if you are a garlic lover.

The rumor about the history of the creation of garlic beer a sordid tale indeed. It goes that one Dr. Patrick Lloyd, heard that some guy, was going to be at a Dogfish Head Event in Wilmington over the bridge from his New Jersey Farm. This guy, Dr. Lloyd, decided to pack some notorious black garlic with him- for who knows why, and then the next thing Patrick knew, he was brewing black garlic with beer! Have you heard of black garlic? It’s a gourmet super food packed full of antioxidants, and it’s made through an advanced cooking process (often called a fermentation) that takes weeks! 

Dr. Lloyd decided that he would infuse black garlic with a porter type beer. Ever heard of a porter? A porter is a dark style of beer that has origins in 18th century London. It’s a well-hopped beer made from a brown malt, and it’s named from its popularity with river and street porters. Black garlic has a caramel, malty, molasses taste that when matched up with a porter, delivers a truly garlicky goodness that is not only noticeable but just plain tasty. It’s made with Columbus hops and the black garlic in the beer complements the caramel and earthy flavors- it’s said the beer is great with pizzas, and a variety of other foods like stews and mushrooms.

Think you can make your own garlic beer? Then try this recipe!

Peel your garlic cloves and wash them making sure there is no garlic skin on them. Seperate the garlic cloves from each other. Four entire heads of garlic is the perfect amount to use. Cut a small line into each clove. Then you add malt extract, 1/2 of the garlic, and one half ounce of hops. Boil for a toal of sixty minutes or so. Put the second half of your garlic pile into the mixture. Also, simultaneously add second half of hops to the boil. After the sixty minutes are up, chill and strain the mixture (wort) into a 6 1/2 gallon sterile primary bucket with a blow off tube. Cover primary. Three days later, the wort will be fermenting, you want to put it into a five gallon secondary. 


Eight and half pounds of malt extract

Four heads of garlic

One ounce of brewers yeast

So why not try garlic beer? Black garlic itself is worth a shot, but when matched up with the best drink in the human race, perfection can only be expected. I bet this beer even has a little health boost from the black garlic. Garlic beer and its deep rich black flavor is a delight to the senses for any beer or garlic lover. Now you can have a beer during your cross fit workout or perhaps after your marathon run! Well, maybe not if you drink too many, but it will be worth it. If you want to really party with garlic try a  garlic festival!  To make garlic beer you have to get the skin off. Learn more about how peel garlic using a cooking hack

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