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​Garlic and Chives… What could be Easier?

Posted by Kevin Vadala / garlicshaker.com on

Garlic and chives is a big hit around here, and for good reason. We’ve told you about the numerous health benefits like antifungal properties, cardiovascular health benefits, cancer-preventive properties of garlic, and more. It’s also so versatile that you can put it in nearly every meal, from potatoes, to spice up meat, in a soup, in Mexican rice, and a plethora of other tasty dishes. It’s as easy as chopping up some  fresh peeled garlic, and then throwing it in, or sautéing it first. It’s affordable, healthy, and easy to prepare. Why not add another similar herb to the mix to spice things up even more? That’s where chives come in. Chives are a plant herb native to Europe, Asia, and North America, and it’s the only species native to both the western and eastern hemispheres. Who came up with such a funny name you ask, chive? Well, the chive herb’s linguistic origin is derivative from the Greek words skhoínos and práson, which respectively mean sedge and leek. The English word, chive, derives from the French word cive, from cepa, the Latin word for onion. In fact, the bottom of a chive plant looks remarkably similar to an onion! Now, let’s dive into what you can do with such powerful and tasty plants- the garlic bulb, and the chive herbal plant. Later on, we might even discuss the legendary and mythic garlic chive. Is it a fusion of the best of both worlds, or is it a rare disfigured creature that seldom graces the dinner table? 

Matching chives with garlic is beautiful and delicious. You can mince some garlic, chop some chives, and even mince some onions- and then, put them in a pan with some olive oil, Italian seasoning, garlic, and pepper, and you have a base worthy of the gods. What type of dish do you want today?

Are you in the mood for some pasta? Make some homemade garlic pesto, and put some of your favorite pasta, and you can have a garlic noodles with pesto on steroids. This meal will contain the hint of spice and oniony flavor from the chives and onions, but it will also have a great amount of herbal kick from the garlic and the pesto. Bon appetite!

Baked potatoes are often a boring and a predictable affair. Most regular people put some sour cream, butter, and cheese on them to make them slightly tasty. The most adventurous of people like to put chives on their baked potatoes. Now, if you are willing to taste the tastiest thing you’ve ever tasted, mince those chives and chopped garlic together with the butter in a pan before you put the butter in the steaming baked potato. (It might best to sauté the garlic and chives first with olive oil and then introduce the butter so it doesn't burn). Feel free to season this sautéed addition with salt, pepper, and spices, because this will create a warm liquid sauce with small bitty chunks of deliciousness. Pour it inside the baked potato and serve with as much sour cream and cheese as you like. This way, you don’t even have to work as hard to make the butter have its impact. It’s already melted with the garlic, chives, and tasty spices. Didn’t see that coming did you? Garlic and chives... fire it up now! 

To make this garlic chive recipe you need to peel the garlic. Most methods are tedious and difficult. Learn how to peel garlic fast

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