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Free Advice About Garlic Supplements and Garlic Tablets… Good For You or Not?

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Garlic has significant health benefits. Garlic supplements and tablets can be a convenient way to get those benefits. Many ancient remedies contain garlic as a primary main ingredient. Modern science has verified the value of garlic to one’s health. Allicin, which is found in garlic cloves is the primary ingredient for health and flavor. Taking garlic supplements means you can take a pill with measured Allicin levels. It is more difficult to determine the amount of Allicin you are absorbing when you eat fresh garlic. Fresh garlic a pure form of garlic, but much more difficult to measure.

Garlic is not only used for food flavoring purposes. Many people consider garlic a medicine, as much as a food source or herb. Unlike in the past where you had to eat garlic itself, you can now consume components in garlic supplements or tablets. These are pills made of several ingredients including garlic’s primary nutrient Allicin. The convenience of taking garlic supplements or tablets means that it is easier to consume more garlic on a regular basis.

  • Functions of garlic supplements

Garlic supplements are used in the same way as fresh garlic. The main purpose of taking supplements is to have measured, and higher Allicin concentration levels. The effectiveness of the supplement can range from cancer risk reduction, regulating the blood pressure, removal of fungal infections, and reducing the risk of heart related diseases among others.

  • Amount of allicin

Garlic supplements have a standardized amount of Allicin which makes the supplement easy to use. It is important to ensure that you have a look at the ingredient list before you purchase garlic supplements. The amount of allicin should not be below 180 mg garlic powder. Various brands of supplements will differ from one another as the strength of the Allicin is not standard across the industry. Ensure that you are using a legitimate brand and try to select the best option possible

  • Reasons for failure

The effectiveness of the garlic supplements will depend on the brand. Some brands will work well while others will not. Low quality is the primary reason behind failure of the Allicin based supplements. Some garlic tablets can contain very little amount of Allinase. Most tablets and capsules will contain fillers which be a hindrance for the allicin to work in the body. This is the main reason why some supplements will not show any signs of effectiveness in lowering your risk of getting health conditions. For this reason, it is best to avoid any supplements that contains lower levels of Allicin or high levels or filler.

Garlic supplements and tablets can at times be ineffective for some ailments. Fresh garlic is a far superior solution for treating specific health related issues. This may be because some manufacturers will store garlic for a long time prior to turning in to supplements or tablets. This can reduce its effectiveness. Time erodes the Allicin thus destroying the compounds of the garlic and reducing its health benefits.

Garlic has the ability to improve health for multiple reasons. The success of your garlic intake will depend upon the ailment you are treating and the source of the garlic. You may just choose the option to just use the fresh garlic with its natural oils and naturally produced Allicin. This is a perfectly good solution. It is the most cost effective choice for sure. Garlic supplements and tablets can be expensive, whereas fresh garlic is very affordable. You also have the option of taking the garlic supplements and tablets along the fresh garlic. This a very good method because you get the daily convenience and nutritional value of taking garlic tablets and supplements while still getting the potency of fresh garlic.

  • Why Garlic Tablets?

Some people are unable to consume garlic because of its mild odor. However, you no longer need to worry as it can now be consumed in form of tablets or pills. These pills are believed to have a high content of garlic components. Allicin is the well-known component in garlic that carries its health benefits. Scientists sort to try consumption of garlic in pills and the process seems to work perfectly. It is however recommended that you check on the content of Allicin in a given garlic tablet before you make your purchase.

  • Health Benefits of Garlic Tablets - Lowering cholesterol

Studies show that garlic pills have a limited effect on the level of bad cholesterol or low-density lipoprotein cholesterol (LDL). The presence of antibiotic properties in Allicin lowers your total cholesterol level hence preventing you from cholesterol-related diseases such as heart attack. However, there is no known effect it has on the good cholesterol level. From the research done, no negative effect has been reported on your good cholesterol level. This means that regular consumption of garlic is not harmful to your body.

Prevents cancer

Regular consumption of garlic tablets has also had an effect in preventing several types of cancer diseases. Allicin which is contained in these tablets plays an active role in inhibiting the growth of cancer cells. By consuming garlic pills, you will be protected from rectal cancer, stomach cancer, colon cancer, lung cancer and breast cancer. It is also believed that these tablets can be used to treat prostate and bladder cancer. From the research done in the recent years, results have shown that consumption of garlic indeed lowers the severity of cancer and hence can be used to treat several types of cancer. Garlic is not a cure for cancer, but a health supplement to your diet with some preventative properties.

  • Prevents heart diseases

Medical experts believe that garlic can be used to prevent heart diseases. Garlic tablets contain Allicin which helps to lower blood pressure. It also helps in decreasing the stickiness of platelets which cause the hardening of the arteries (atherosclerosis). Atherosclerosis and high blood pressure are the major causes of heart attacks and coronary heart diseases. People who regular consume garlic tablets are therefore unlikely to suffer from these diseases. Garlic pills are also said to treat heart problems although this is still under research. However, you can still consume garlic tablets as they are not harmful to your health. If you prefer fresh garlic to tablets then learn  how to peel garlic by shaking! It's the best way.

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