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Cheesy Garlic Bread Attacking Your Face!

Posted by Matthew Garlic Shaker and Kevin Vadala / garlicshaker.com on

Cheesy garlic bread is to humans is like acorns are to squirrels. It’s our thing, and for some garlic enthusiasts, it’s their main food source. It’s a party of delicious goodness all over the mouth. It seems that for some, garlic bread actually attacks their face- so fast that they scarf it down like tornado touching the ground. This is why we must explore the phenomenon of these cheesy garlic bread attacks. It is no laughing matter (yes, it is and if you take this blog seriously you are nuts) and perhaps come up with a way to sabotage their stalwart advance.

A diet cannot be made from cheese, garlic, and bread alone (we’ve tried). The body needs important vitamins from a well-balanced diet in order to heal and move around effectively (so the rumors say, we remain suspicious). What’s that? You don’t need to move around your say? Well, we understand.

Here’s a top 5 list on how to put the kibosh on cheesy garlic bread and stop it from attacking your face.

1.Make it into Bruschetta.

What better way to destroy cheesy garlic bread than changing into a healthy (at least in terms of more nutritional value) but still tasty alternative? While cheesy garlic bread may be loaded with fatty cheeses and butters galore, bruschetta simply requires diced up tomatoes, herbs, and olive oil. Sneak the cheesy garlic bread away when your spouse isn’t looking, rip off the cheese, and turn that baby into a tomato paradise.

2.Make it into wheat garlic bread.

Cheesy garlic bread is traditionally loaded with carbs, but you can alter the course of destiny to include key whole grain nutrients by changing bread type. While wheat cheesy garlic bread is not as scrumptious (and more of a mouthful to say), perhaps the additional thought pattern of saying “wheat cheesy garlic bread” repeatedly will make a fun game. You can throw it into a toaster and make garlic toast too!

3.Take out the salt.

Have you ever had bread without salt? If not, you are in for a surprise. Bread without salt is like ice cream without sugar. If you are looking to sabotage cheesy garlic bread and prevent it from attacking people’s faces, extracting the salt is the perfect plan of action. Cheesy garlic bread’s second most important ingredient, besides garlic, is salt. You can have garlic bread without cheese, but you can’t have garlic bread without salt. The whole trinity between cheese, garlic, and bread falls apart without its salt foundation (but why would you want to? Even if you stop the attacks you now have salt less bread and that just sounds boring).

4.Make it into pizza.

While people can guzzle garlic bread pizza down almost as quick as cheesy garlic bread, it doesn't hold the same mystical attraction. Cheesy garlic bread is a rare treat, and a welcome one if we do say so. People see pizza everywhere, so it’s just not as tantalizing.

5.Throw it into water.

If you really cannot stop the  cheesy garlic bread before  it attacks your face you might just have to accidentally drop it into water. The only thing worse than unsalted garlic cheesy bread is mushy water-soaked garlic cheesy bread. Let’s be honest folks stopping cheesy garlic bread from attacking your face this way is a bad idea. The reality is cheesy garlic bread is delicious and we recommend complete surrender. Just let it attack your face! You will be glad you did. Because homemade garlic bread is simply delicious! To peel the garlic you will need watch our how to peel garlic easily video

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