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7 Health Benefits of Garlic and Why You Should Eat Some Right Now!

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Garlic is categorized as a vegetable, and has its roots in the onion family (genus).  Eating raw garlic has significant health benefits and eating it cooked does as well. Preparing your food with garlic adds more than just flavor, it has multiple health benefits if consumed regularly. Garlic is sometimes even called natures antibiotic. Garlic has a long history of use in medicine that pre-dates modern pharmacology.

Components of garlic

Allin is the main beneficial ingredient in garlic, it is converted into Allicin when you chew it raw. It is a compound made of oils that will decompose almost immediately once taken, and quickly begin to fight and destroy bacteria and other pathogens once digested.

Because of its disease fighting and antimicrobial properties, garlic can slightly slow down the aging process and reduce some cancerous diseases. It helps the immune system against multiple diseases. It not a cure for aging, cancer, or bacterial infections. Aging is a natural process, and dangerous diseases should be treated by a doctor, but garlic does have significant healing properties that are known to promote a healthy lifestyle and aid in combating some pathogens.

Benefits of eating garlic

Garlic has been known to benefit the body for a number of reasons which include:

1. Regulating blood pressure by increasing blood flow which promotes increased levels of hydrogen sulfide from the Allin component in garlic. The body will produce this gas, but the amount will slow down with age. Older people may suffer blood pressure complications, thus garlic being good to add to the daily nutritional regimen.

2. When taking garlic you can also slightly reduce your risk of heart diseases that include damaged cells and tissue.

3. Garlic also has the ability to lower cholesterol which may lead to blocking the arteries and causing the body serious complications. This may further lead to atherosclerosis which may develop into a stroke later in life.

4. Cancer is classified in different ways, and the health benefits of garlic will also help in attaining a healthy body by helping reduce the risk of some cancer types. This is with the help of the main compound, Allicin, which works as an antioxidant. It is much more powerful when obtained from garlic rather than other vegetables that have Allin in them such as; leeks and shallots. Garlic does not cure cancer, but promotes healthy immunities that can assist in reducing the risk of some cancers.

5. Further benefits of garlic are its anti-fungal properties. Garlic can be used to clear off the fungi infections in the body that include vaginal bacteria. The compound Allicin also acts as an antibacterial.

6. Eating raw garlic also helps to attain a stronger immune system that is as a result of vitamin B6 which is produced by the garlic. It helps to fight chest infections, and cures coughs, and helps in indigestion.

7. Garlic in some cultures is used to combat impotency because it can increase blood flow and improve circulation. For centuries garlic has been used for this reason and is sometimes called natures Viagra.

How to eat garlic appropriately:

Garlic can be used on multiple types of food. In case you need to increase your intake to get those garlic benefits, you should consider  preparing garlic with food the following ways: when making scrambled eggs you can add a little garlic sauté to the oil, when basil is in season, you have the option to make garlic into pesto and put it pasta or sandwiches. Just add garlic to your food! You will be glad you did.

If you are the adventurous type consider eating raw garlic while still fresh, since it has higher levels of Allicin than preserved or stored versions. You can store garlic at room temperature. When you are ready to use it crush it up and allow it to sit for 10 minutes. This will give it time to release the maximum amount of enzymes that assist in boosting your health. To get all of these amazing benefits you will need to get the skin with a  garlic clove peeler

For further reference about the health benefits of garlic read the following from Medical News today: http://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/265853.p...

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