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6 Types of Garlic from Around the World

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Garlic is by far one of the  healthiest foods in the world. It is being widely used by many people in various countries and cultures. Since it is one of the most popular foods in the entire world, it seems reasonable to try to learn a few things about it.

Therefore, here is a list of seven of the more popular varieties of garlic.

1. Porcelain garlic

Porcelain garlic is the most beautiful type from this garlic family. Some people think it has a similar flavor to rocambole garlic. I almost feel sorry about it when I eat them because they are so good looking. Porcelain garlic has four large cloves that are packed in a thick cover. The thick cover is a very smooth, white papery sheath around the cloves. They are frequently mistaken for elephant garlic because the cloves are so big. They are very white, and sometimes they actually appear to be quite pretty. They usually flourish in colder conditions in the north rather than in the south, and they can be supported low temperatures. They have a strong taste and they can be kept for several months in a cool room temperature. They can be stored for up to eight months and still taste fresh.

2. Rocambole garlic

Rocambole garlic is very different than porcelain garlic. The flavor is very riach and powerful in nature. They have thinner bulb wrappers, and additionally they have a distinct purple striping. Actually they are not as white as the other garlic types, and they are a little brownish. However, despite the fact that they are not beautiful, they are actually very flavorful, and the favorite type of garlic to eat for many people.

3. Purple stripe garlic

Purple stripe garlic can be easily recognized thanks to their purplish vertical stripes that decorate the bulb’s wrappers. It is a hardneck variety of garlic and is famous for making the best baked garlic of all the garlic types. However, excepting these purple stripes, the rest of the wrapper is actually white. The level of purple is affected by the soil and growing conditions. They have a rich flavor that may be a little milder than other varieties.

4. Artichoke garlic

Artichoke garlic are often seen in the supermarkets. Many people have only seen this type of garlic or white garlic. It is possible that many people are not even aware that there are any other kinds of garlic besides this one. They can be easily recognized to the fact that they have many cloves and inner cloves. They have a wide variety of flavors, and usually they are very large. It can be stored for eight months or so. It sometimes has purple spots or streaks, but should not be confused with purple garlic.

5.Silverskin garlic

Silverskin garlic is known for its soft skin and pliable neck, and usually they are not mild in flavor. It is super easy to grow and stores very well for long periods of time when it is dried. It can last a year.

6. Creole garlic

The creole garlic is quite unique and impressively beautiful. Even if they share the qualities of all the other garlics, they are actually unique. They are actually a mixture of softneck and hardneck garlics. Their flavor is amazing, strong, but not pungent. They have a sweeter finish to them. 

To enjoy these tasty varieties you get the skin off of them. Watch our video to learn how to peel garlic fast and easy

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