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40 Clove Garlic Chicken… Too Much?

Posted by Kevin Vadala / garlicshaker.com on

The time has never been better to make 40 clove garlic chicken. It’s a chicken dish bursting with sweet garlic flavor. If you love the idea of chicken melting in your mouth, head over to the kitchen right now and bring this article with you, because you're about to make one tasty dish. 

First separate the cloves of garlic and place them in a boiling pot of water for just 60 seconds. While you are doing that dry off your chicken and season the pieces with fresh garlic salt and pepper.

Heat up some butter and olive oil in a large pot and start sautéing the chicken in the olive mixture. If you are using a whole chicken, put the chicken skin side down until it's nicely brown. If not, just cook for around 3 to 5 minutes. Turn the chicken pieces with a tong and make sure that the olive oil and butter don’t get too hot and burn.

After the first round of pieces are done, keep sautéing the rest of the chicken. When you are done, add all of your garlic to the pot and heat for 5 to 10 minutes until the garlic is browned. Then, add two tablespoons of cognac and win.

Bring back the chicken, and flavor with some lime juice and thyme leaves. Let this cook for around 30 minutes or until done. To make the sauce, get the leftover juices and combine with some cream and more cognac brandy. Thicken with flour, and drizzle it over the chicken to flavor. This folks, is 40 clove garlic chicken.

This recipe is also perfect with some soft but thick bread. Get the garlic cloves and spread them over some warm juicy French bread. Feel free to also dunk the bread in any remaining sauce as your devour the chicken. If you are feeling the need for even more garlic, consider garlic noodles with pesto, garlic mashed potatoes, or garlic fried rice for a more subtle side dish. If you are worry about the butter and oils from the 40 clove garlic chicken, don’t be. Garlic is a natural protectant against bad cholesterol so while you may not be able to eat all that you want and totally pig out, you can rest assured that your body is getting important nutrients.

I could see this dish being served on Thanksgiving for a wonderful alternative to turkey. I've never really liked turkey that much because it always comes out plain and dry, and so many people are used to cooking it they don’t really innovate when it comes to the recipe involved. 40 clove garlic chicken is pure innovation, and no one is going to be complaining or miss the turkey when they taste the butter and tendered chicken. Even the kids won’t mind tasting a little garlic here and there because when it’s cooked like this, its sweet and tender like  roasted garlic aioli sauce. Let us know if you loved our 40 clove garlic chicken! Watch the video to learn how to peel 40 cloves of garlic so it is simple and fun! 

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