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4 Great Tips for Preparing Garlic

Posted by Matthew Garlic Shaker / garlicshaker.com on

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There are so many recipes that use delicious garlic that trying to cover them all in a single blog post would be ridiculous. I prefer to post each recipe for my readers on an individual basis that way they use them. There are however various techniques for cooking garlic that are worth noting. Each one of them can applied to various garlic recipes on an as needed basis.

1. First, to prepare garlic you need to break the head up into individual cloves. Take your Garlic Shaker. Seperate out all of the cloves. You can put all the cloves into it and shake the skin off. This is the best way to remove the skin. Each head generally has 10-12 cloves. For minced garlic you merely cut each clove into tiny square like sections. You can also use a garlic press if you like that texture. These preparation techniques are best for sautéing and cooking garlic in a pan.

2. How you sauté garlic or cook garlic in a pan is relatively simple once the garlic has minced or pressed. The exact time will vary depending on the temperature you are using. The key is not burning the garlic, unless you like that flavor for some reason, but most people like their garlic moist even when cooked. Just keep your eye on it to avoid burning it. The heat and oil you use will bring out the flavor, but soften some of the bite of the raw clove. I prefer to cook it for just a minute or less on low-medium heat before adding it to other food. This leaves the garlic tasting good and strong in whatever dish I’m making. Whatever your personal preference is cooking garlic in a pan really doesn’t take very long if you cook it by itself before adding to your food.

3. My personal favorite is roasting garlic. This is generally done in and oven. You can preheat the oven to 400F. Then you cut the top off so the garlic is exposed. Pour a teaspoon of olive oil spread evenly over the entire bulb. Wrap each the head in tin foil. Place the now foiled head on baking sheet and place into the oven in the middle rack. You will want to cook for 35-55 minutes depending upon the oven. After you remove the sheet from the oven it is best to unwrap the garlic and let it cool for 10-15 minutes before serving. This will avoid anyone burning their mouth. Each clove can then be squeezed out of its skin by hand. Roasting garlic in an oven this way makes each clove taste sweet and buttery. It is also very easy to spread on bread or crackers. Delicious!

4. Garlic can also be pureed in a food processor. This method of preparation is preferable if you need larger amounts of garlic to satisfy your cooking needs. You can take 1-2 cups of fresh peeled garlic and let your processor do the work for you. You will want to add one cup of olive oil per cup of garlic. Also, add one tsp of sea salt (preferably raw) per cup of garlic cloves. Process until smooth. Puree can be frozen and used at any time.

5. Another method doesn’t require much preparation at all. Just shake the skin off and eat the clove whole. This method is commonly used in soups and originates from Spain, but is growing in popularity. The flavor is unique and distinct when garlic is cooked this way. It has a more subtle tone to the flavor palette, but no less tasty. Try it, you might like it. To prepare garlic make sure you get the  best garlic peeler!

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