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25 Reasons Why Garlic is Believed to Have Magic Powers!

Posted by Matthew Garlic Shaker/ garlicshaker.com on

1. Garlic scares away vampires! Obviously magical. That would make a garlic peeler a very powerful vampire fighting weapon. 

2. It protects against both physical vampirism and psychic vampirism.

3. Garlic is believed to be masculine in nature with its astrological planet being in Mars, its element is Fire, and its astrological sign is Aries.

4. It is widely used in the Wiccan religion for charms and spells that enhance speed, strength, endurance, protection, and to repel evil. Soldiers have often carried it into battle for these reasons.

5. It is believed if you have a garlic clove, when you pass over water, you are safe from drowning.

6. Putting a garlic clove under a child’s pillow while it sleeps is believed to protect it from evil.

7. Braids of garlic are believed repel thieves from a home and keep away envious people.

8. Sailors and  pirates carried garlic when at sea because they believed it protected them from sinking.

9. Knights during the middle ages wore garlic for self-defense against their enemies.

10. Roman centurions and soldiers believed that eating garlic gave them super human courage in battle.

11. Ancient brides in various cultures kept cloves of garlic in their pocket for good luck and to ward off evil on their wedding day. The tradition still continues in some cultures.

12. Prior to modern science garlic was believed to be magic because it is effective at fighting against bacteria, fungi, and viruses.

13. Ancient Egyptians are believed to be the first people to cultivate garlic. They did so because they believed it was sacred.

14. Garlic is believed to be an essential ingredient in love potions.

15. It is still believed that hanging a garlic braid over a bedroom door will help draw a lover into the boudoir.

16. Garlic is often said to have aphrodisiac powers.

17. Hanging garlic is believed to bring good luck.

18. Some Ancient Arabic cultures believed garlic was good for commerce and prosperity.

19. Garlic was believed to be so powerful in the ancient world that pyramid builders of Egypt were paid partially with garlic.

20. It is believed that wiping a knife with fresh garlic juice can empower the knife to be used against dark forces.

21. Garlic has commonly been used for exorcisms.

22. A clove of garlic can be added to a Voodoo mojo bag and will strengthen its magical powers.

23. Wearing garlic is believed to protect against bad weather.

24. It is believed in eastern Europe that placing garlic in the mouth of the deceased will prevent the soul from re-entering the body and keep wandering evil spirits from entering and re-animating the body.

25. Unfaithful husbands in the ancient world would use garlic after visiting their mistresses to deceive their wives of their infidelity.

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