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12 Things You Must Not Do with Garlic!

Posted by Matthew Garlic Shaker and Kevin Vadala / garlicshaker.com on

1.Don’t give it to dogs

Garlic contains compounds that are dangerous to dogs in large quantities. We love our dogs and we love peeled garlic cloves, just not together unless on hot dogs. Yum!

2.Don’t eat it

We are kidding of course! When garlic is chopped or crushed, garlic converts its enzyme Allinase into Allicin. These ingredients are super good for you. Eat lots of it.

3.If you are pron to allergies, stay away!

Like most foods, garlic allergies do exist. If you have garlic, and have shown to have allergic symptoms like heartburn or flatulence, do not do garlic. Seems obvious to not eat things you are allergic to. If you aren’t allergic eat lots!

4.It can burn you

If you are a vampire it can burn you. While Allicin (a compound in garlic) is upper good for humans it can also lead to skin irritation for those who have very sensitive skin (like vampires). Wear gloves if you have sensitive skin or you are a vampire.

5.Watch out for prescription medications

Garlic has been known to interfere with blood thinning medication. You might want to stay away from garlic supplements depending on the type of medication you are taking.

6.Don’t put it on your fries because you’ll never eat anything else again

Have you had garlic on your fries? Garlic fries are a delicious treat of epic proportions. When combined with Parmesan, butter, and a healthy dosing of salt, you might find that other food offerings pale in comparison.

7. Don’t put in your eyes

Were you actually thinking of putting garlic in your eyes? Ummm… not sure about that, garlic can sting a lot if it manages to get into your eyeballs. It feels like jalapenos! If you have put jalapenos in your eyes please send us a picture. I want to see that at least once.

8.Don't take garlic supplements when pregnant, it will make normal milk into garlic milk.

If you are pregnant, you might want to stay away from garlic supplements especially when providing your child with breast milk. While there aren't many studies about any dangers of garlic during pregnancy, you certainly wouldn't want your child having garlic milk instead of regular. We love garlic, but maybe wait until the babies can spin the fork themselves in their spaghetti.

9.Don't eat garlic before a surgery

Fresh garlic can increase bleeding because it is so good at increasing blood flow and circulation, so it’s not advised to take garlic supplements or go overboard on the fettuccine Alfredo before a surgery.

10.Don't eat it in bed before you make love.

Kidding! You definitely should eat some because it seriously increases blood flow and stamina. Garlic has be thought to be an aphrodisiac for thousands of years. Eat garlic before you make love! 

11.Don’t use it as an acne medication

I know a lot of you have scrounged the internet for all possible homemade acne cures. You must be careful when using garlic, because garlic can burn your face whether you are a vampire or not.

12.Don’t shoot it up your honker

I had a friend who once had a sinus infection. His wife had the brilliant idea to crush garlic and get an eye dropper to extract the garlic juice. After this, she then proceeded to squirt it up his nose. He said it burned like nothing else he has experienced, but a day later his nose cleared up. I guess it’s up to you on this one, if you can handle some pain. I will stick to stuffing my face with garlic and piling it on my food from delicious garlic recipes

No matter how you use garlic you will almost always have to peel it. Check out how to peel garlic the easy way!

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