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25 Reasons Why Garlic is Believed to Have Magic Powers!

1. Garlic scares away vampires! Obviously magical. That would make a garlic peeler a very powerful vampire fighting weapon. 2. It protects against both physical vampirism and psychic vampirism.3. Garlic is believed to be masculine in nature with its astrological planet being in Mars, its element is Fire, and its astrological sign is Aries.4. It is widely used in the Wiccan religion for [...]

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Tips for Harvesting Garlic in 9 Simple Steps

You can choose any variety of garlic to plant for harvesting. Whatever type or taste you prefer is possible. Planting garlic is easy. You can utilize a small garden space or grow it on large scale. You must remember not to try to pull the bulbs of the ground by the above ground stems. If you can remember that, [...]

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4 Great Tips for Preparing Garlic

Categories: cooking garlic, how to cook garlic, cooking garlic, cooking garlic cloves, cooking with fresh garlic, garlic cooking, roasting garlic, how to roast garlic. There are so many recipes that use delicious garlic that trying to cover them all in a single blog post would be ridiculous. I prefer to post each recipe for my readers on an individual basis that [...]

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How to Prepare Garlic Juice in 4 Simple Steps

Making garlic juice is easy and does not take much time. Drinking it has multiple health benefits, especially in the prevention of some common infections and improving overall general health. It can improve immunity health and helps strengthen the body to ward off colds, lower cholesterol, and improve cardiovascular health. You do not need to use a lot of garlic bulbs [...]

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7 Health Benefits of Garlic and Why You Should Eat Some Right Now!

Categories: Health benefits of garlic, benefits of garlic, garlic benefits, health.Garlic is categorized as a vegetable, and has its roots in the onion family (genus). Eating raw garlic has significant health benefits and eating it cooked does as well. Preparing your food with garlic adds more than just flavor, it has multiple health benefits if consumed regularly. Garlic is sometimes even [...]

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A Clove of Garlic: 9 Reasons Why Vampires Fear It!

Coming in contact with a clove of garlic is one of the vampire’s greatest fears. But why does this lore exist? Certainly other Nosferatu fighting weapons seem more plausible and dangerous than a vegetable. A stake through the heart would hurt anyone, and the cross certainly evokes a powerful iconography that nearly everyone can understand. If you don't wear sunblock [...]

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How to Grow Garlic at Home: 5 Simple Methods

Learning how to grow garlic is a useful skill for the home gardener. Peeled garlic straight from your garden is one of life true joys! Growing garlic at home is a blessing for everyone who lives there. Garlic is considered to be one of the healthiest foods on earth. Even if people do not eat garlic raw because it [...]

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How to Get Rid of Garlic Breath: 8 Ways to Stay Kissable

To get rid of garlic breath you must first enjoy the amazing flavor of peeled garlicfirst. Eat some garlic as fast as possible is our recommendation. Garlic is delicious, and so good for you, but the breath you sometimes get after eating it can be a little off putting to others. Especially, if you [...]

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Garlic: 21 Fun Facts!

Fresh peeled garlic cloves are delicious and used in most cultures throughout the world. We think this fantastic little vegetable deserves its own batch of fun facts! For example, did you know that a garlic clove is actually considered both a vegetable and an herb?  To celebrate garlic, here are 21 more interesting facts and uses: 1. [...]

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