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Free Advice About Garlic Supplements and Garlic Tablets… Good For You or Not?

Garlic has significant health benefits. Garlic supplements and tablets can be a convenient way to get those benefits. Many ancient remedies contain garlic as a primary main ingredient. Modern science has verified the value of garlic to one’s health. Allicin, which is found in garlic cloves is the primary ingredient for health and flavor. Taking garlic supplements means you can [...]

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Garlic Keeper: How to Store Garlic Properly to Last the Long Term

The best way to store  fresh garlicis in a cool dry place. Sometimes this accomplished by hanging from a ceiling. However, if your kitchen is warm and sunny then this method will not work very well. A garlic keeper is a piece of kitchenware that every garlic lover needs to have because it accomplishes ideal storing conditions with ease. It is generally [...]

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Did You Know? – Five Fun Facts about Garlic in the Ancient World

At Garlic Shaker© we eat, breathe, and live garlic: and chance is, as a Shaker Supporter you love those charming cloves as much as we do! In past posts we’ve highlighted tips and tricks for eating, cooking, and  preparing garlic in our modern kitchens. Today our minds wandered along a different path, wondering how people in ancient times used these beautiful bulbs. [...]

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More Than Just A Hobby: Growing Garlic Indoors

More Than Just A Hobby: Growing Garlic Indoors If you’re a garlic lover, then growing garlic will be a rewarding and money-saving experience. But does your home lack outdoor space or a garden? What about if you’re an urban-dweller? Grow those bulbs on a patio or in a window sill! More people than ever are growing foods indoors or outside traditional gardens, especially [...]

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Mincing Garlic for Kicks!

Have you ever minced garlic? Mincing is a funny word right? That word “mince”. It’s simply a fancy word that means to “cut finely”. Mincing garlic is cutting it finely, to be exact. It’s an important step in a lot of recipes where you want the taste of garlic to stand out, but not the actual visual recognition of it. [...]

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Tricks to Using a Garlic Press Properly!

A garlic press is a helpful kitchen gadget for preparing garlic in the shortest amount of time. It forces peeled garlic cloves through a bunch of tiny little metal holes with a piston. In Australia and New Zealand it is called a garlic crusher. It much faster and more convenient than mincing garlic with a knife. You can press multiple  peeled [...]

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You and the Garlic Bulb... How to Prepare it for the Maximum Health Benefits!

Preparing a garlic bulb to eat does not take a lot of time. Depending on what you are making, the amount of garlic to prepare will vary. There are various stages to follow when making preparing the bulb. For the garlic to be effective, you need to ensure proper preparation. It is important to prepare garlic properly to get [...]

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Garlic Shampoo and Your Curly Locks!

Garlic Shampoo may seem like an odd notion at first glance. Garlic has been used for medicinal purposes for ages. It is an ancient remedy dating back to the beginning of written history. It has a variety of properties that are beneficial to cardiovascular health, diet needs, and it has even been used as an antiseptic. All of these things are [...]

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Thanksgiving with Fresh Garlic is the Best

You’d think going to the store to buy  fresh garlic would be easy. I too, thought it would be a trivial matter suited for anyone, especially someone like me who is a master of all things garlic. In hindsight, shopping for garlic on Thanksgiving Day wasn’t an especially unique or bright idea, but it was a necessary. Who can eat [...]

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25 Reasons Why Garlic is Believed to Have Magic Powers!

1. Garlic scares away vampires! Obviously magical. That would make a garlic peeler a very powerful vampire fighting weapon.  2. It protects against both physical vampirism and psychic vampirism. 3. Garlic is believed to be masculine in nature with its astrological planet being in Mars, its element is Fire, and its astrological sign is Aries. 4. It is widely used in the Wiccan religion for [...]

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