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Smashed, not mashed: how to up your garlic potato game!

Ah, potatoes: boiled, baked, or mashed, this hearty vegetable is a staple among many dinner tables. Around this time of year, potatoes take prominence on our plates with the planning of Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s festivities. How could this comfort veggie get any better? By mashing, that’s how (and by adding garlic, of course using a peel garlic so it's [...]

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Explaining Allicin – Garlic’s Most Powerful Ingredient

Garlic: known by some as the miracle clove, what secret ingredient makes it so powerful? The answer is allicin, the component responsible for garlic’s vast anti-bacterial effects. In a previous post, we explained the numerous benefits of garlic consumption – slowing the aging process, reducing your risk of cancers, lowering your cholesterol, and promoting blood flow (just to name [...]

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6 Types of Garlic from Around the World

Garlic is by far one of the healthiest foods in the world. It is being widely used by many people in various countries and cultures. Since it is one of the most popular foods in the entire world, it seems reasonable to try to learn a few things about it. Therefore, here is a list of seven of the more [...]

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Cheesy Garlic Bread Attacking Your Face!

Cheesy garlic bread is to humans is like acorns are to squirrels. It’s our thing, and for some garlic enthusiasts, it’s their main food source. It’s a party of delicious goodness all over the mouth. It seems that for some, garlic bread actually attacks their face- so fast that they scarf it down like tornado touching the ground. This [...]

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You and the Great Purple Garlic Expedition…The Adventure Begins!

There are over 450 different types of garlic. Purple garlic is just one of them, but it is notable. The garlic family is broad and can be classified into two categories; hardneck garlic (Ophioscorodon) and softneck garlic (Sativum). Hardneck garlic is what people refer to as purple garlic. This type of garlic has several even-sized cloves and thick covered [...]

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Why Are Garlic Mashed Potatoes So Delicious?

Mashed potatoes are often a staple around the holidays for many families and for planned gatherings. But, do you know how to make them more than just a staple? Add garlic! Garlic mashed potatoes make regular mashed potatoes into something else entirely. This “something” is pungent, buttery, and salty. It goes down the hatch without the need for gravy because the [...]

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Why Does The Chemistry of 1 Clove of Garlic Matter?

For years now various research has been done on garlic (Allium Sativum). That research has proven that eating a garlic clove is very essential to one's health. But what is in 1 clove of garlic exactly? Why is it that this little herb/vegetable is known to have such amazing properties to it?The primary compound that is found in garlic [...]

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Free Advice About Garlic Supplements and Garlic Tablets… Good For You or Not?

Garlic has significant health benefits. Garlic supplements and tablets can be a convenient way to get those benefits. Many ancient remedies contain garlic as a primary main ingredient. Modern science has verified the value of garlic to one’s health. Allicin, which is found in garlic cloves is the primary ingredient for health and flavor. Taking garlic supplements means you can [...]

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Garlic Keeper: How to Store Garlic Properly to Last the Long Term

The best way to store fresh garlicis in a cool dry place. Sometimes this accomplished by hanging from a ceiling. However, if your kitchen is warm and sunny then this method will not work very well. A garlic keeper is a piece of kitchenware that every garlic lover needs to have because it accomplishes ideal storing conditions with ease. It is generally [...]

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Did You Know? – Five Fun Facts about Garlic in the Ancient World

At Garlic Shaker© we eat, breathe, and live garlic: and chance is, as a Shaker Supporter you love those charming cloves as much as we do! In past posts we’ve highlighted tips and tricks for eating, cooking, and preparing garlic in our modern kitchens. Today our minds wandered along a different path, wondering how people in ancient times used these beautiful bulbs. [...]

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