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​How Do You Roast Garlic? 4 Easy Steps!

How do you roast garlic! Why even do it! Because garlic is one of the best things the human race has ever discovered. It goes well with a variety of meals, and even adds a healthy super boost whether eaten raw or cooked. While you can simply mince it and mix it with onions, or put a dash [...]

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Wild Garlic… Hunting for the Goodies!

Wild garlic an change your life! No we aren't kidding. Who doesn't love the big and juicy garlic found in supermarkets? It’s a great ingredient popular in many dishes and one that has great health benefits. However, if you are looking for something a little more quirky or something just a little more earthy, wild garlic might be your next new obsession. Wild garlic, [...]

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12 Things You Must Not Do with Garlic!

1.Don’t give it to dogsGarlic contains compounds that are dangerous to dogs in large quantities. We love our dogs and we love peeled garlic cloves, just not together unless on hot dogs. Yum! 2.Don’t eat itWe are kidding of course! When garlic is chopped or crushed, garlic converts its enzyme Allinase into Allicin. These ingredients are super good for you. [...]

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Get Ready to Party: Five Garlic Festivals to Visit this Year

One of the best – and most fun – ways to celebrate your love of fresh peeled garlic cloves is to attend a garlic festival. Festivals allow you to immerse yourself in the complete garlic experience – the foods, flavors, growers, and products. Imagine a space where you can sample garlic ice cream, don a garlic hat, observe garlic demonstrations, and [...]

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40 Clove Garlic Chicken… Too Much?

The time has never been better to make 40 clove garlic chicken. It’s a chicken dish bursting with sweet garlic flavor. If you love the idea of chicken melting in your mouth, head over to the kitchen right now and bring this article with you, because you're about to make one tasty dish. First separate the cloves of garlic [...]

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Garlic Noodles with Pesto… It’s a Party In Your Mouth!

Garlic noodles with pesto are a tremendous side dish worthy of any fine chicken (or tofu or shrimp). You can have it at any meal, regardless of the occasion. Thanksgiving you say? Just add some garlic noodles with pesto with that turkey? Forget the mashed potatoes (but not the garlic mashed potatoes  - those are divine)! Garlic noodles with pesto are [...]

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What Is Elephant Garlic?

What Is Elephant Garlic?For those who aren’t a fan of fresh tasty garlic’s powerful pungency and characteristic strong but buttery taste, elephant garlic might be and better choice for you. Like other types of garlic, it belongs to the onion genus but it’s a variation of the garden leek. It is not actually a true garlic despite its name. [...]

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Is Garlic Harmful To Dogs?

A quick search for “dogs and garlic” reveals quite a bit of controversy on the subject. Some proclaim that garlic should be added to the black list, and that ingestion of the plant will put Fido at risk– or can result in death. Others dismiss these claims, insisting that garlic is harmless (or even healthy!) when given in the right [...]

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​Don’t get sick: protect with garlic-infused olive oil!

Garlic infused olive oil can be a great thing! By now you've read about the numerous benefits of garlic as a health-supporting food. Historically, the antibacterial and antiviral properties of delicious peeled garlic are perhaps its most legendary feature. This amazing bulb has been revered for its ability to ward off infection and fight bacteria and viruses. A recent study has shown [...]

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The Great Garlic Seed Excursion… How to do it Right!

Garlic is a unique plant because it can reproduce in three different ways, from seeds through sexual production, from bulb division and from the top sets which are both asexual methods. Planting “garlic seed” is the most difficult approach to growing garlic, but it has its advantages. Primarily it increases diversity in the plants and can improve adaptation. Starting with seeds [...]

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