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Garlic Fries, Friend or Foe?

Fries and ketchup are a super popular combination! It has been so since the dawn of time (well, at least since the dawn of burgers… yum!). Fries and delicious peeled garlic cloves, are also becoming a very popular matchup. Let’s forego the semantics of comparing the two in terms of convenience - because the taste of garlic on fries clearly triumphs [...]

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Tips for Eating Raw Garlic and Why it is a Good Idea

Eating raw peeled garlic is a great idea and very beneficial to your health. Sometimes it is better to eat raw garlic than to cook it. While it is not a common practice because of the strong robust taste of garlic, it is slowly growing in popularity due to the increase in consumption of garlic supplements. Eating raw garlic has [...]

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Tips for Harvesting Garlic in 9 Simple Steps

You can choose any variety of garlic to plant for harvesting. Whatever type or taste you prefer is possible. Planting garlic is easy. You can utilize a small garden space or grow it on large scale. You must remember not to try to pull the bulbs of the ground by the above ground stems. If you can remember that, [...]

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4 Great Tips for Preparing Garlic

Categories: cooking garlic, how to cook garlic, cooking garlic, cooking garlic cloves, cooking with fresh garlic, garlic cooking, roasting garlic, how to roast garlic.  There are so many recipes that use delicious garlic that trying to cover them all in a single blog post would be ridiculous. I prefer to post each recipe for my readers on an individual basis that [...]

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7 Health Benefits of Garlic and Why You Should Eat Some Right Now!

Categories: Health benefits of garlic, benefits of garlic, garlic benefits, health. Garlic is categorized as a vegetable, and has its roots in the onion family (genus).  Eating raw garlic has significant health benefits and eating it cooked does as well. Preparing your food with garlic adds more than just flavor, it has multiple health benefits if consumed regularly. Garlic is sometimes even [...]

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A Clove of Garlic: 9 Reasons Why Vampires Fear It!

Coming in contact with a clove of garlic is one of the vampire’s greatest fears. But why does this lore exist? Certainly other Nosferatu fighting weapons seem more plausible and dangerous than a vegetable. A stake through the heart would hurt anyone, and the cross certainly evokes a powerful iconography that nearly everyone can understand. If you don't wear sunblock [...]

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What Is Elephant Garlic?

What Is Elephant Garlic? For those who aren’t a fan of fresh tasty garlic’s powerful pungency and characteristic strong but buttery taste, elephant garlic might be and better choice for you. Like other types of garlic, it belongs to the onion genus but it’s a variation of the garden leek. It is not actually a true garlic despite its name. [...]

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6 Types of Garlic from Around the World

Garlic is by far one of the  healthiest foods in the world. It is being widely used by many people in various countries and cultures. Since it is one of the most popular foods in the entire world, it seems reasonable to try to learn a few things about it. Therefore, here is a list of seven of the more popular [...]

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Explaining Allicin – Garlic’s Most Powerful Ingredient

Garlic: known by some as the miracle clove, what secret ingredient makes it so powerful? The answer is allicin, the component responsible for garlic’s vast anti-bacterial effects. In a previous post, we explained the numerous benefits of garlic consumption – slowing the aging process, reducing your risk of cancers, lowering your cholesterol, and promoting blood flow (just to name [...]

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Smashed, not mashed: how to up your garlic potato game!

Ah, potatoes: boiled, baked, or mashed, this hearty vegetable is a staple among many dinner tables. Around this time of year, potatoes take prominence on our plates with the planning of Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s festivities. How could this comfort veggie get any better? By mashing, that’s how (and by adding garlic, of course using a peel garlic so it's [...]

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