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How to Use Your GarlicShaker!

Posted by Matthew Garlic Shaker / garlicshaker.com on


GarlicShaker Instructions:

1) The garlic must be very dry for the garlic peeler to work. Garlic from the grocery store isn't actually ready to use. Grocery stores sell their garlic before it is truly ripe. They do this with many vegetables and fruits so they stay fresh when you get them home. With garlic, this means the skin is still too strongly bonded to the cloves inside. Also, the taste has not matured yet. Garlic should always sit on your counter top for a couple days prior to using. Garlic should never be stored in your refrigerator. Store it in an open dry place at all times. Moisture is the enemy of delicious garlic.

2) You must break apart the entire dry head of garlic. We like to push down and roll our hand back and forth. It's better than smashing the head in our opinion. Remove all of the individual garlic cloves from the rest of the head. Only put the dry cloves into the shaker. Throw rest of the material away. Garlic Shaker will only peel the garlic cloves if the extra material from the head is removed prior to shaking.

3) You must shake vigorously for at least 15-30 seconds. We have tested this hundreds of times and 15-30 seconds is the sweet spot. We find an up and down motion, from shoulder to waist, and back up to the shoulder, is the most effective movement pattern. Up and down in a vertical motion! Any less time, or shaking side-to-side, or in a circular pattern, is not enough time or force to get the garlic skin off. Garlic skin is very very strong as we all know. Try to avoid shaking for more than 30 seconds because you will eventually start to damage the cloves.

Note: If the skin isn't coming off it is because of one three reasons; the garlic is too freshly out of the ground and isn't dry enough, the extra material hasn't be removed (don't put the extra materials into the Garlic Shaker, it will not work) prior to shaking, or it isn't being shaken for 15-30 seconds in the right motion.

Visual instructions for your Garlic Shaker:

Here's a quick gif of the Garlic Shaking process:

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